Hello my ladies!

There is such a great things that I saw scrolling Instagram feed, plenty of cool hats, bags, boots and sweaters. Is there anyone obsessed with this month like me?
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Good morning friends and happy Saturday!! Today I just wanted to wake up early but my new pillows from LCW Home, the morning rain, and white sky were by my side and they absolutely can talk a love story, so I was proposed to stay in bed. You know how good is to be in bed on a Saturday morning with your favorite pillows and blankets. It was absolutely best cozy and fall morning ever. My bed and I,  we’re in an endless love affair!


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Hey babes! I hope you’ve had a good day! Now, I want to share my favorite new bracelet from Swarovski. I’ve been huge fan of Swarovski for so long and I have a big collection of bracelets. (If you already noticed I have my “logo” next to my name on the blog with swan – that’s because I am addicted to them!!) This below is my bracelet from Swarovski and also my new Esprit watch. This is my first watch that I’ve ever purchase in my life and it’s from the new collection 2017.


I Found The Perfect Name For My Blog

Hey babes! I hope you’re having a great day.
Today, I changed my blog name, from Living la vie en rose to IN ROSEAC. I already know that I build my little community with “Living la vie en rose” but I think that now is the best time to introduce my new blog name. For some people a blog name comes instantly and for others like me, it’s a bit more of a struggle. I changed because there are so many blogs that have the same blog name “la vie en rose” or something like that, so I needed to change that because I don’t like when I copy someone. It wasn’t very original and it didn’t show what kind of focus I want to have with my blog. Continue reading “I Found The Perfect Name For My Blog”